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"Muki" Series

The design of the character Muki was inspired by the popular fishing game toy where using a magnetic pole you catch as many fishes as you can in the time limit. Little Muki is just one of those little fishes that became alive in human form; The helmet she is wearing stayed just the same, with a little magnet on top, and a visor that rotates to expose or cover it.


People are attracted to what they desire, just like fishes are attracted to bait. Desires move us and give our lives meanings and directions.


Muki is a new born girl who has a pure and innocent heart, like all little kids she doesn’t hide what she thinks and how she feels. Thus, she is vulnerable and fearless at the same time. 


An introspective look, deep inside myself, helped me visualise the intricacies of her character.It is my hope that the audience could also dig into their memories and uncover the parts that have been subdued by simply... growing up.

Digital art

Art toys

Paintings and drawings

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