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Oil Painting

As an artist, I am drawn to the Taoist philosophy of harmony and balance between humans and nature. Through my paintings, I aim to explore the complex and often contradictory relationship between humans and the natural world.


Most of my paintings are not meant to be literal representations of specific places or landscapes, but rather they are inspired by the essence of the natural world and the emotions it evokes. By abstracting and distilling the elements of the landscape, I seek to convey a sense of the interconnectedness of all things and the universal rhythms that govern our lives.


I strive to create a sense of balance and harmony in my paintings through my use of color, composition, and brushwork. The colors I choose are informed by the natural hues of the landscape, but they are also symbolic of the emotions and energy that are present in nature. The composition of my paintings is designed to invite the viewer into the scene and to create a sense of unity and harmony between the viewer, the artist, and the natural world.

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