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Selected Commercial Projects

Client: 拾陸比玖
Poster illustration made for Hong Kong movie 《演員的自我收養》. 2021
Client: 羚羊早安
Digital illustrations for umbrella products. 2020
Client: 合肥為先產品設計有限公司
Artwork made for Xiongan (雄安) city which is famous for a historical archway (雄州牌坊) to show the charm of the city and also traditional Chinese culture. 2019
Client: 黃宇聰
黃宇聰,actor and singer in China. The artwork is cover image for his album《年紀還小,不懂事》. 2019
Client: Somnox
Landing page illustration and graphic design. 2018
Client: 运稻嘉
Illustrations for rice packaging
. 2018
Client: 羚羊早安
Watercolor illustrations for scarf and umbrella products. 2014-2017
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