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Little Muki

I spent a lot of time on my own when I was little, accompanied by picture books and toys. To entertain myself, I always imagined my toys came to life or I became a toy myself, and then would draw their stories, I never felt lonely in my imaginary toy- bound world, because they carried a part of me and I got powered by them. This part of me has never disappeared while growing up. Childhood memory remains my shelter from the adult world, especially after leaving my hometown and family in Nanjing and starting life on my own in Hong Kong. On countless occasions I felt lost, helpless, struggling, and in self-doubt over different kinds of things, and drawing my own characters and stories became a pure land where I can be myself 100%: be vulnerable, emotional and where nothing can truly hurt me. In this way, the little me, my childhood, takes care of the adult me.

Muki’s appearance is inspired by a fishing game toy I loved since childhood. It uses a magnetic pole to catch as many fish as possible within a certain time limit. Little Muki is one of those little fish that come alive in the human form. She is human but sometimes also an object. She has some freedom and power but, still, she is in another’s “game”, just like us in real life. She is simultaneously vulnerable and brave and sees things through pure and innocent eyes. I hope that, through her character, the audience can connect with their own inner child and rediscover the joy and wonder of life.

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