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Oil Landscape 油畫山水

Taoism, that shaped my art and approach to life, seems like a fantasy against the hectic global Hong Kong. Taoism is about harmony, letting go, about simplicity and non-action. In Hong Kong, we are efficient, competing against each other, holding onto things, and overwhelmed by the vibrancy of this hyper-efficient multicultural city. It is a city where “East meets West”, but which cracks of the everyday fabric do we need to look in to find the so-called traditional Chinese culture and its aesthetics that I grew up with in the historical Nanjing and have cherished through my art? After a decade in Hong Kong, I am connected to these two opposites and, somehow, disconnected from both and caught in-between. A clash between the ink paintings and LED screens made me confront myself. But, instead of confronting myself, could I bring my multiple selves together, through art?


I use landscape paintings to capture all these oppositions and show how I am connected to, but also, disconnected from both and caught in-between. I use thick layers of oil colours that almost create a sculptural touch to my work. Heaviness. But does this heaviness refer to the city or the everlasting and forgiving nature? You will also notice the smallness of living beings, human or other forms of life, in my work. That’s the smallness of our happiness and struggles, insignificant and transient but still eye-catching and prominent. 


It may be apparent and even, perhaps, taken-for-granted to viewers that Chinese aesthetics, mostly Taoism, shape my art and approach to life - harmony, letting go, simplicity and non-action. However, beyond that layer of the obvious and final tranquillity, I also wish to meet you in other layers – layers of instability, clashing, melancholia, and eternal seeking. 

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